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Skin Care


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Skin Care

Orchid There are a number of components that go into having beautiful, healthy skin. The current condition of our skin is mostly determined by genetics, previous sun exposure, diet and lifestyle. Taking care of our skin, beginning at any age, can significantly slow down the aging process and create a soft, glowing, healthy appearance - and the truth is - it is easy.
So what does it take...?
Regular facials and a simple home routine!

In my studio I offer complimentary skin consultations to determine the health and condition of your skin and to decide on the appropriate treatment and home care.

Facials are customized to each individual client, eliminating the need for a long menu and expensive add-ons. Anti-aging, acne or maintenance all come under one price, so each facial will be customized for you that day. Please allow 2 hours for your first treatment and 1 1/2 hours for subsequent treatments. This allows you time to change, have a consultation and settle in for a fabulous one hour facial!

Every facial treatment includes :
  • Cleansing: 
    A two step deep pore cleanse.
  • Refining:    
    Exfoliation, followed by extractions when necessary, helps your skin look and feel smoother as well as helping products penetrate.
  • Nourishing:
    Vitamin C, essential oils, serums and anti-oxidants are used both in treatments and in home care
  • Hydrating:  
    All skin needs moisture, whether it is dry, combo or oily, acne, young or not so young.
  • Lubricating:
    A cream for drier skins to seal in the moisture and prevent dehydration from the evaporation of water in the top layers of our skin.
  • Protecting: 
    Sun protection, every day, year round is essential for every skin type to protect from harmful UV rays, the leading causes of skin cancer and accelerated aging.

Facials are recommended every 4-6 weeks depending on the level of home care and desired results.

Customized Facial $95

Back Treatment
Just like a facial, only for your back - that pesky part of the body that is so hard to reach and treat.


Acne Back Treatment


Hand Treatment 
We may take care of our face but often forget our hands. For example, do you always remember to put sun block on the back of your hands? Hand treatments include a sugar exfoliant, massage, warm mitts and moisturizer.


Pumpkin Peel Exfoliant
with any of the above services


The primary skin care line I use is Tu'El, a division of Eva's Esthetics, based in Oakland. This is a very vibrant line of products which contain no parabens or synthetic fragrances. The cleansing oil/toner combo is nothing short of glorious in my opinion!

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