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Bridget Scadeng
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Pre and Postpartum Massage

Elephant Mothers come first in my book...expectant moms, new moms, teen moms, step moms and grandmas. If we nurture mothers, then our children will be truly cared for. It is hard, sometimes impossible to take care of others if we don't take care of ourselves first. Every mother works tremendously hard to parent well and lovingly from the moment she becomes pregnant to the day her child leaves home - and beyond. Parenting is a physical, mental and emotional challenge with all the accompanying laughter and tears. Through massage, bodywork and skin care, I provide a way for women to nurture and support themselves during this extraordinary time called motherhood.

Pregnant women often gain 25 - 40 pounds or more in a mere 9 months. This weight gain combined with drastically changing hormones can amount to considerable physical and emotional discomfort and much moodiness at times! Centering and calming touch is vital to a mother's psychological and physiological well-being, helping her adapt to her new body image. In many cultures massage is an integral part of prenatal care, an important way for women to care for themselves during pregnancy.

And let's not forget the new mom. Postpartum massage is designed to help restore your body to it's pre-pregnancy condition and to address the demands of breastfeeding and the physical and emotional stresses of carrying and caring for a newborn.

Please allow 90 minutes for your appointment to give us time to discuss your health status and review useful exercises and stretches.

One Hour Prenatal Massage $95

75 Minute Postpartum Massage $110
This session includes 15 - 20 minutes of Reiki Energy work to help heal and relax.

Mom-to-Be Facial $95
All the benefits of a custom facial with special attention given to the hormonal effects on your skin.

"Bridget's massages have sustained me through two pregnancies: both as a treat when I'm tired and heavy as well as for specific aches and pains. In the eighth month of my second pregnancy the pain in my back worsened, getting to the point where I could no longer sit at my computer (and I needed to finish that chapter before the baby arrived!) I called Bridget. ...she asked careful questions about my pain, both before and during my massage and - as usual - was very attentive and attuned to my specific aches and needs. After she finished working on the hurting side, it seemed to feel inches longer than the other side: she had completely ironed out the tension and the cramped muscles. I have no idea how she did it, but 5 weeks later, my pain has not returned."

Private Childbirth Classes
These classes are individually designed to help parents-to-be prepare for labor, or as an adjunct to group classes. I offer both first time parent classes and refreshers.
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